Reuben "Blastique" Samuel

Blastique MHS Headshot 1200x1200 1

Reuben is an Ableton Certified Trainer, violinist, producer and a graduate of the Sonic Arts (BSc Hons) program from Middlesex University (London) & SAE Audio Engineering. In 2009, he founded Mile High Sounds – a Malaysian-based firm that creates educational solutions for individuals, groups, and businesses in audio & music production using the Ableton Live production platform as its core. He also specialises in sound design, audio restoration as well as creating detailed and captivating productions, mixes and masters.

In Malaysia, he has provided production services for a wide variety of clients including; Bloomberg, National Geographic, Lexus, Oreo, Heineken, Tiger Beer, Volvo, Skania, Mann, Disney Asia, Time Internet, DHL India, Maxis, Hotlink, Nestle, Volkswagen, TedxKL, Livescape and more. Local heroes including; Late Night Frequency (AIM 2023 winners), Zee Avi, Yuna, Namewee, Shawn Lee, Vince Chong, Bo Amir Iqram, Jean-Pierre Lantieri, Gerard Singh, Junji Delfino, Daniel Veerapen and Noryn Aziz are some of the musicians he has had the pleasure of working with, be it mixing, mastering, production and sometimes a bit of everything. As a producer, remixer and (previously) regular DJ on the pre-covid circuit, he also goes under the moniker ‘Blastique’ for more electronic-infused projects.

Together with his wife Alicia, Reuben’s aim is to work towards Malaysia becoming a central hub for forward-thinking audio, music education, aural-branding & nurturing collaborations.