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Genres: Classic House, Retro Grooves, R&B

Growing up in an environment filled with funky soulful sounds, DJ Bernie started his vinyl collection at the tender age of 13. Spinning professionally since 1987, he made himself known as one of Kuala Lumpur’s DJs to be reckoned with.

At 23, DJ Bernie became the Chief Resident DJ of 11LA, Voodoo, Brannigans, Caleo’s, Faces, and LA Steel. It was then when experimentation of house music and soulful garage took place. All this became the foundation of today’s club/dance culture in Kuala Lumpur. In 2002 DJ Bernie became the Chief Resident DJ of Kuala Lumpur’s first ever boutique club, Nouvo. November 2003 saw him moving his fine tunage to the legendary house Club Bliss.

On the side, due to his passion for ‘live’ jazz, funk and Latin bossa nova, DJ Bernie involved himself greatly with the Heineken Green Room Sessions, started since late 2001. DJ Bernie with his strong roots in funk, new wave, rock, soul and rhythm & blues, Latin jazz to break beats and hip-hop ensures an eclectic musical journey for all dance music lovers.

DJ Bernie’s last full-time residency was at The Hard Rock Cafe Bali. He currently does local and international gigs and also consults the entertainment for various clubs/bars/events and runs a DJ agency. icon-mix pdf icon