Engineering for Audio Broadcasts & Podcasts

Get it right at the source and learn why.
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Engineering for Audio Broadcasts & Podcasts

Course Fee: MYR 3,500
Course Duration: 7 x 1.5-Hour Classes
Includes 7 x 1.5-Hour Lab/Studio Time

Learn about the inner workings of: microphone placement, equalisation (EQ), metering (peak vs RMS), compression & limiting, editing, spatialisation, effects and signal processing, mastering and encoding to help you achieve a refined end product before it reaches your audience. Furthermore, acoustics play an important role in how we interpret and manipulate our audio – We help you identify any areas that may exist in your workspace and guide you towards improving your listening environment.

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From private lessons in the comfort of our institution, to high quality recordings, mixes, masters and even live streaming from our fully equiped studios and workspaces, we will find the best way to bring the love of audio and music into your life.