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With involvement in regional and international projects, and firm believers in delivering clear auditory messages, rest assured that your project will be taken to finality with no compromise.

If you’re in need of creative advice or direction, we are here to help guide you through. Check out some of our our work here.

Mixing & Mastering Malaysia

Two very different things but equally important in their roles of a high quality end-product. Mixing involves having a keen understanding of frequency, dynamics, space, critical knowledge of the sonic signatures of instruments, and how to place them accordingly so that the message of the song is clearly delivered. Mastering is a process which readies a final mixdown for the outside world, be it for distribution on iTunes, CD, DVD, and so on. Even material intended for SoundCloud & MixCloud require attention in order to stand out from the noise. Listen to some of our favourite work on our portfolio page.

Recording Studio Malaysia

We have room options for scaling from capturing a band to the subtle nuances of a melodius whisper. Good room acoustics and a clean signal path are paramount to maintaining standards required to “get it right at the source”. Listen to some of our favourite work on our portfolio page.

Facility Mile High Sound
Facility Mile High Sound

Audio Restoration & Noise Reduction

Got a hidden gem on a crackly vinyl you want to restore clarity to? Captured audio which could make a or break a case you’re involved in? Picked up an old casette holding the only recording of a long-lost performance? Look no further – We’ll bring your material into the digital age with enhanced clarity. At the heart of our system is pristine ribbon-tweeter monitoring, a non-coloured signal chain with Izotope ‘s latest tools operated by experienced engineers.

Composition, Arrangement & Remixes

We handle all aspects of music production from the ground up, take incomplete to finality, and even give your project a different take entirely if that’s what you’re after. Occasionally, that strong hook and melody simply needs some beefier drums, bass and a more full mix to really make it shine. Singers, songwriters, lyricists, top-liners, labels, producers are all welcome. Listen to some of our favourite work on our portfolio page.

Facility Mile High Sound
Facility and Studio Services
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