Here’s what our clients and students have to say about their experience at Mile High Sounds

Hannah Prescott Avatar
Hannah Prescott
positive review 
Mile High Sounds really helped me with my photography and artwork - Reuben showed me how to take my raw... read more
Daniel Sireau Avatar
Daniel Sireau
Just spent a month of 3 lessons a week studying at Mile High Sounds and I can confidently say that... read more
Justin Ho Hui Sien Avatar
Justin Ho Hui Sien
positive review 
My time at Mile High Sounds has been the best studying and learning experience I've ever had! I had about... read more
Lyubomira Stankova Avatar
Lyubomira Stankova
positive review 
If you are looking for music production , recording , mixing or you are newbie in the music industry and... read more
Jerusha Chitra Devi Avatar
Jerusha Chitra Devi
positive review 
A Great Trainer for any person who is passionate to learn Ableton (DAW). Reuben is knowledgeable in the field of... read more
Ryan Pittam Avatar
Ryan Pittam
positive review 
Reuben is a great teacher and very patient with me when getting me back on track with Ableton Live! I... read more
Philip Avatar
Coming here was the best decision I have made. Reuben is a mastermind. When he talks about music, I feel... read more
Vickram Thevar Avatar
Vickram Thevar
This is the best music institution I’ve ever come across! I walked into Mile High Sounds having zero experience in... read more
Terezia Kovacikova Avatar
Terezia Kovacikova
Excellent. Reuben helped me with my bachelor work about electronic music and happily answered all of my questions. I also... read more
Saivashree Sarada Puri Avatar
Saivashree Sarada Puri
positive review 
They say 'First impression counts!' And so it did with Reuben Arthur Samuel at Mile High Sounds! Impressive setup under... read more
Malik Prakash Avatar
Malik Prakash
positive review 
A Divine Experience recording here. The Energy is superb! And, Rueben Arthur Samuel is such a joy to work with..... read more
Chris Hawke Avatar
Chris Hawke
positive review 
Reuben have a deep knowledge of Ableton Live from twenty years of music production experience. He gave me invaluable tips... read more
Roshan Jamrock Avatar
Roshan Jamrock
positive review 
One word, QUALITY. Folks at Mile High Sounds are amazing and so helpful. If you're seeking knowledge on music production,... read more
TJ Watkins Music Avatar
TJ Watkins Music
Mile High Sounds is by far the best studio experience I’ve had. I’ve been a session musician for many years,... read more
Radzi Radzmataz Avatar
Radzi Radzmataz
positive review 
Ive learned so much with Mile High Sound and Rueben in terms of law and technology yesterday .They are experts... read more
Ancion Avatar
positive review 
Coming here was the best decision I have made. Reuben is a mastermind. When he talks about music, I feel... read more
Sujahn Shankar Avatar
Sujahn Shankar
positive review 
Did the DJ-ing course with no prior experience or knowledge and walked out very very confident and comfortable playing on... read more
Jazyl Adalia Jeffery Avatar
Jazyl Adalia Jeffery
positive review 
I came in with no prior experience of recording in a studio and was really nervous about how everything would... read more
Bhaven Freazz Avatar
Bhaven Freazz
positive review 
The reason I can produce and remix is because of the man Reuben that run this school. I really love... read more
Tomas Hamilton Avatar
Tomas Hamilton
positive review 
Very pleased with the decision to travel to KL for a weekend of Ableton courses with Mile High Sounds!! Reuben's... read more
Richard Holland Avatar
Richard Holland
positive review 
Legendary people doing legendary things!!
Adrian Yeoh Avatar
Adrian Yeoh
positive review 
Great place located in Bangsar South for all your essential audio needs. Reuben is one of the smartest sonic people... read more
Belle Ibrahim Avatar
Belle Ibrahim
positive review 
Best DJ school in town! 🙂
Samuel Ng Avatar
Samuel Ng
positive review 
Very professional and friendly. Recommended MHS👍👍
Adam Marquez Avatar
Adam Marquez
positive review 
Very very cool place in KL if you are interested in music production/mixing/mastering. Professional mixing/recording studios with great attention to... read more
Peri S. Weiper Avatar
Peri S. Weiper
positive review 
Professional setup. Lovely owner, host and supporter. <3
E Cheah Ruoning Avatar
E Cheah Ruoning
positive review 
my sister goes there so it should be awesome
Elvina Cheah Avatar
Elvina Cheah
positive review 
I found Mile High Sounds via Google Search and visited a few schools to have trial classes and so far... read more
Bryan Foo Avatar
Bryan Foo
positive review 
Reuben is amazing. The medley / remix that was done up for me perfectly matches my requirements with minimal amendments... read more
Bill Gallo Avatar
Bill Gallo
I found Reuben while searching the web for a place to hear some quality house music in KL while visiting... read more
Samlaleo Singh Avatar
Samlaleo Singh
If you wanna learn in-depth about ableton then This is the place to go, with certified teacher and loads of... read more
Joshua Ivanovic Avatar
Joshua Ivanovic
Thanks so much for saving our arses with a very last minute mixer guys. Ours died 2hrs before the DJ... read more
Trishay J. Trada Avatar
Trishay J. Trada
Actually visited this place as they were selling leftover stock of acoustic panels. The premises, particularly the studio and vocal... read more
Chun Hoe Avatar
Chun Hoe
Amazing and up to date systems and services. Even had a makeshift cardboard chair when there wasn't enough place to sit.
Eugene Seet Avatar
Eugene Seet
Picked up lots of interesting information by spending a couple of hours with them. Loved how modular and organized the... read more
Marvin Reyes Avatar
Marvin Reyes
Experienced, educated, supportive and nice lecturers. In my opinion MHS is one of the best place you can learn anything... read more
Daler Ave Avatar
Daler Ave
Nice experience! Best studio in SEA. Seeing this studio makes me to start DJing. Its really inspires me)
Alexander Krasnikov Avatar
Alexander Krasnikov
The friendly environment of this studio is inspiring, lovely people and professional attitude, great place to get things done and... read more
Michael Koclęga Avatar
Michael Koclęga
Really enjoyable music theory lessons in a state of the art studio setting.
Daniela Horeanga Avatar
Daniela Horeanga
Reuben is a very thorough teacher and also his knowledge is top, in one lesson I managed to learn techniques... read more
Bui Yen Avatar
Bui Yen
Awesome team, great services.
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