Here’s what our clients and students have to say about their experience at Mile High Sounds

Hannah Prescott Avatar
Hannah Prescott
positive review 
Mile High Sounds really helped me with my photography and artwork - Reuben showed me how to take my raw photographs and make them pop, stylish and exactly how imagined professional pictures should look. I was amazed at how easy and accessible it was to do real artwork with my photographs, and I couldn’t recommend them highly enough. I’d heard amazing things from friends and colleagues but I was genuinely blown away. I’ll definitely be using them for my business also. 5*
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Daniel Sireau Avatar
Daniel Sireau
Just spent a month of 3 lessons a week studying at Mile High Sounds and I can confidently say that hands down that Reuben has been the best teacher I've ever had. He has taught me valuable industry-level information that I don't think I'd actually be able to find anywhere else such as sound design and music for adverts, how to quickly put together high quality mash ups and sound synthesis. He has also taught me quicker ways to mix, basic music theory and how to apply it to my DJing and how to properly use compression (which was the first time in my life compression has actually made sense to me😂).
His methods of teaching was very engaging and practical and was also all recorded which I have found to be very useful as if I forget anything I can just rewatch part of a lesson.
Alicia organises the whole schedule extremely well with a really nice balance of lab sessions to studio lessons and is also super kind.
The lab sessions were also great and I loved being able to use their upstairs studio for my own music production or homework.
Both Reuben and Alicia were very hospitable and friendly. And I was surprised that it felt less like generic teaching and more like just hanging out with friends that happen to know everything about music production and every single shortcut on Ableton and on Apple.
I am also very grateful to them for letting me tag along and perform at one of their DJ nights in KL which was great fun and showed to me again that they really just want to see their students succeed and have fun.

All in all, I would highly recommend learning at MHS. The facilities are great, they keep in touch after your course ends and it's very inspiring to being taught by someone who is currently in the industry having a very successful career.

Once again a massive thank you to both of you at MHS you have really pushed me in the exact direction I want to go in to achieve my biggest goals in the music industry.
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Justin Ho Hui Sien Avatar
Justin Ho Hui Sien
positive review 
My time at Mile High Sounds has been the best studying and learning experience I've ever had! I had about 2 years of prior ableton usage and experience and wanted to learn more about ableton live so I enrolled into the Engineering With Live and Singer/Songwriter Course Plus at Mile High Sounds! Dive in deep into Ableton live and learn from the best. Reuben is an amazing, funny and talented mentor who will aid you in your music production providing things that I never knew I could achieve inside of Ableton with just stock plugins. No class was ever boring with Reuben as he guided me with his expertise and knowledge to enhance my workflow (session view), teaching me how to optimize chords so mids and lows don't clash, and especially teaching me how to mix my tracks and getting the song to sound the way that I like it. I was mindblown by the information that I was taught every week!

The studios and studio monitors that they have setup for labs and classes are amazing to use, play around and write songs with, Mile High Sounds 1000% understand how to set the mood for producers and singer/songwriters! I had so much fun mixing, producing and listening to tracks in the studio!

All in all if you truly want to understand music production better you definitely need to enroll and see for yourself. Mile High Sounds is ahead of the game and has elevated my mixing, producing and songwriting abilities.

Many thanks to Reuben for igniting my passion for music and being my mentor and to Alicia for helping me coordinate classes and schedule the studio for use for my lab sessions! Love you guys! ❤️
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Lyubomira Stankova Avatar
Lyubomira Stankova
positive review 
If you are looking for music production , recording , mixing or you are newbie in the music industry and you need guidance and building your skills - this is the best place you can do all of that! Reuben and Alicia are great - professional, friendly and always will find best solutions for you . The studio equipment is top notch and the atmosphere makes it easy to find your inspiration and creativity. I share my experience as person who is always going back - I passed Ableton live course with them, recorded with them , release 1 single , Christmas LP and more is coming 🙂 Thank you guys for always being there for me ✨
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Jerusha Chitra Devi Avatar
Jerusha Chitra Devi
positive review 
A Great Trainer for any person who is passionate to learn Ableton (DAW). Reuben is knowledgeable in the field of Audio Production & Sound Engineering field. The Studio is a conducive place to study and he’s an amazing person to work with. 😃I’ve learned lots from a knowledgeable person like him about Ableton live 👍🏼 I would highly recommend him for future music composers / producers.
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Ryan Pittam Avatar
Ryan Pittam
positive review 
Reuben is a great teacher and very patient with me when getting me back on track with Ableton Live! I highly recommend Mile High Sounds classes for all levels of producers, whether you’re a beginner or getting back into producing again. Big up!
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Philip Avatar
Coming here was the best decision I have made. Reuben is a mastermind. When he talks about music, I feel it’s a whole new language. And he gives the pathway to understand the root of it. No one teaches like him. You can discover your own rhythm and explore what you feel, instead of having someone teach you the basic framework. He finds a way to inspire you to become better and gives clear guidance how to take it to the next level. Every session is recorded (screen/audio) and accessible on a google drive. I highly recommend MHS. It is the best investment you can make to find your true self in music & reach beyond what you think is possible 🙏
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Vickram Thevar Avatar
Vickram Thevar
This is the best music institution I’ve ever come across! I walked into Mile High Sounds having zero experience in music production; let alone having any basics in music.

Reuben gave me an introduction session and within 10 minutes, I was sold.

Reuben is genuinely passionate about teaching which is something you don’t come across very often. He goes the extra mile to ensure his students understands, customizes each lesson according to the student and their own quirks, is generous with his time, extremely patient and is a true artist. Not to mention, his classes are super fun and funny!

I’ve never seen music the way he explains it and I’ll never be able to see music the same way again.

Moreover, the whole team at MHS is just so welcoming! Alicia ensures a smooth class session every week with scheduling arrangements and is always prompt with session recording uploads which is available for every student to refer to. The studio is so cozy as well and it has an awesome sound system!

Thank you Reuben, Alicia & Mile High Sounds for the best musical education ever!
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Terezia Kovacikova Avatar
Terezia Kovacikova
Excellent. Reuben helped me with my bachelor work about electronic music and happily answered all of my questions. I also discovered new things and opinions.:)
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Saivashree Sarada Puri Avatar
Saivashree Sarada Puri
positive review 
They say 'First impression counts!' And so it did with Reuben Arthur Samuel at Mile High Sounds! Impressive setup under the expert recording skills of Reuben! His sense of humour lightened the creative mood of two skilled musicians Tom Watkins and Ustad Malik Prakash! What an amazing session! 😍💖👌
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Malik Prakash Avatar
Malik Prakash
positive review 
A Divine Experience recording here. The Energy is superb! And, Rueben Arthur Samuel is such a joy to work with.. A quintessential musician's musician. Pranamz! ❤️
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Chris Hawke Avatar
Chris Hawke
positive review 
Reuben have a deep knowledge of Ableton Live from twenty years of music production experience. He gave me invaluable tips on speeding workflow, and opened my eyes to the powerful possibilities of designing my own sounds simply by making my own instrument racks and chains. His ears are golden, and I learned a ton about how to mix effectively and quickly. After taking 8 classes, I stopped desiring buying plugins, instead focusing on making my own unique sounds.
Reuben is also a friendly and smart guy. I noticed many of his old students frequently visiting him.
I considered myself an intermediate student. After finishing the course, I got the confidence to stop entering remix contests and pitch my first professional client, and he is very satisfied with my work.
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Roshan Jamrock Avatar
Roshan Jamrock
positive review 
One word, QUALITY. Folks at Mile High Sounds are amazing and so helpful. If you're seeking knowledge on music production, this is the place. Heck even their past student (who is now an amazing sound engineer whose worked on recordings for many songs on Rajinikanth Movies and so on:) has taught me many things on ableton ☄️ "MHS the teacher of the teachers" ™ - Roshan Jamrock 😉✨
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TJ Watkins Music Avatar
TJ Watkins Music
Mile High Sounds is by far the best studio experience I’ve had. I’ve been a session musician for many years, and know the ropes on the gigging circuit, but wanted to excel in my recording abilities (properly learn how mix and master). Reuben (my trainer) has been an inspiration, and has managed to tailor all of my sessions from the perspective of an experienced musician (which is hard to find from a studio), and I have been blowed away by his insight and knowledge ever since. I rebook weekly, and have learnt so much that I now feel confident finishing off my projects by myself (and have done!).
As a team they are super friendly and helpful, and unlike other studios, offer so much more than just what you pay for. I feel like it’s taken me a lifetime to find a studio and trainer I am completely satisfied and inspired by, and am so grateful that I was introduced to Reuben and Mike High Sounds by a mutual singer friend.
I’m so excited to see what the future holds, and my eyes have been opened to a producing world I never knew existed, while consistently giving me the tools to navigate this new world and explore for myself.
Cannot recommend highly enough, 6/5 stars!
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Radzi Radzmataz Avatar
Radzi Radzmataz
positive review 
Ive learned so much with Mile High Sound and Rueben in terms of law and technology yesterday .They are experts ,fix issue in a short of time and efficiently done.

Thanks for knowledge and experience Rueben
Hope to work with you again.
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Ancion Avatar
positive review 
Coming here was the best decision I have made. Reuben is a mastermind. When he talks about music, I feel it’s a whole new language. And he gives the pathway to understand the root of it. No one teaches like him. You can discover your own rhythm and explore what you feel, instead of having someone teach you the basic framework. He finds a way to inspire you to become better and gives clear guidance how to take it to the next level. Every session is recorded (screen/audio) and accessible on a google drive. I highly recommend MHS. It is the best investment you can make to find your true self in music & reach beyond what you think is possible
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Sujahn Shankar Avatar
Sujahn Shankar
positive review 
Did the DJ-ing course with no prior experience or knowledge and walked out very very confident and comfortable playing on the console. The people behind this "school" are brilliant at what they do, from teaching methods - to attention to detail. Great facilities, acoustically mint studios and they keep updating their equipment to the latest available in the market! The alumni maintain a close relationship with MHS, even many years after course completion. A wholesome process & experience!
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Jazyl Adalia Jeffery Avatar
Jazyl Adalia Jeffery
positive review 
I came in with no prior experience of recording in a studio and was really nervous about how everything would go. Not only was everyone at the studio warm, patient and supportive throughout the process, but also absolutely professional and showed genuine interest in achieving a final product that I was happy with. Reuben is a sound wizard. He works meticulously, efficiently and really knows what he's doing/talking about. Was also just chill and comfortable to work with in general, gracious with his time, and offered insightful little tidbits about recording music along the way.

An added thing that was very welcoming: the location and studio space. The location aesthetic and cozy studio setup is perfect for creative work, especially over longer periods of time.

Overall a superb experience. I couldn't have asked for anything better. 5 stars!
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Bhaven Freazz Avatar
Bhaven Freazz
positive review 
The reason I can produce and remix is because of the man Reuben that run this school. I really love this place as the facilities in here are all high end and the studio feel is very comfortable. The best part about this place, whatever we learn all will be recorded and will be sent to us. That is the best thing because just incase we forget certain thing about Ableton, we can view back the video that been recorded as reference.
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Tomas Hamilton Avatar
Tomas Hamilton
positive review 
Very pleased with the decision to travel to KL for a weekend of Ableton courses with Mile High Sounds!! Reuben's teaching, plus the studio facilities at MHS, deserve the very highest recommendation.

I came to MHS to make music and develop production skills. What I found is that there is no substitute for learning the Ableton craft from someone with the full range of real experience and ability.... Reuben has it all - the technique of a professionally-qualified recording engineer, the ear of a classical musician, as well as years of proper time spent behind the decks as a DJ. This means he can analyse individual issues from different perspectives and explain Ableton in a way that is musical and creative, as well as technically grounded. The courses offer real value, getting straight to what I needed to know, which meant I learned more in the first couple of hours with him than I could in days with other tutors. There is flexibility about how to structure the learning process and Reuben was able to tailor the courses to my individual needs and level of progress. Everything was really well-organised from start to finish, with outstanding comms from Alicia who made sure the scheduling all worked well, that I knew where to go when I arrived in KL and answering all my questions before I arrived.

The studio is very, very well-equipped throughout, large display screens, quality monitor speakers, tonnes of different controllers and DJ equipment to adapt to different projects. The spaces within the studio are comfy and welcoming, a creative place that makes you want to produce. The teaching area sounds fantastic through the Eve monitors, really crisp, and several of the rooms are properly soundproofed with floating floors and no a/c or fan noise. Thanks also to Zack for welcoming me and making sure everything went smoothly. The lessons were all recorded with screen grabs and head-set audio recordings, so I can go back-over what we did in each session. All in all, I can't speak highly enough of MHS and have no complaints whatsoever - seriously impressed with what Reuben and Alicia are achieving here!!

The after-care for the course was of the highest quality, following-up with any questions I had, so that I really felt like I joined the MHS circle. I wouldn't hesitate to do it all again and I will definitely be back in KL soon to drop in MHS. Thanks guys!
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Richard Holland Avatar
Richard Holland
positive review 
Legendary people doing legendary things!!
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Adrian Yeoh Avatar
Adrian Yeoh
positive review 
Great place located in Bangsar South for all your essential audio needs. Reuben is one of the smartest sonic people I know that always gives out valuable bits of advice and knowledge. The best thing about MHS is the people there and the vibe of the studio, Reuben and Alicia are very easy going people. You feel oneself at home !!!
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Belle Ibrahim Avatar
Belle Ibrahim
positive review 
Best DJ school in town! 🙂
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Samuel Ng Avatar
Samuel Ng
positive review 
Very professional and friendly. Recommended MHS👍👍
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Adam Marquez Avatar
Adam Marquez
positive review 
Very very cool place in KL if you are interested in music production/mixing/mastering. Professional mixing/recording studios with great attention to acoustic detail. Added benefit is the awesome people behind it and the great vibe at the location!
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Peri S. Weiper Avatar
Peri S. Weiper
positive review 
Professional setup. Lovely owner, host and supporter. <3
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E Cheah Ruoning Avatar
E Cheah Ruoning
positive review 
my sister goes there so it should be awesome
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Elvina Cheah Avatar
Elvina Cheah
positive review 
I found Mile High Sounds via Google Search and visited a few schools to have trial classes and so far the most patient and welcoming aura goes to MHS. It’s not just how good the teachers are but how well they handle doubts and concerns for every student walking in. I haven’t started classes yet but I am very excited to be around Amazing people 🙂 they also are very professional and will help you choose a pathway that is financially reasonable. If you are reading this and thinking of producing/soundengineering/Dj-Ing, just give them a call/text! It’s one of the things I find to be my greatest blessings of 2018! 💖 Lish And Reuben are two of the humblest and friendly yet knowledgable music people you’ll ever meet. The centre is also very well kept and clean ❤️❤️ It’s an experience the moment you walk in and take your shoes off.
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Bryan Foo Avatar
Bryan Foo
positive review 
Reuben is amazing. The medley / remix that was done up for me perfectly matches my requirements with minimal amendments and at the shortest time. He works efficiently. With great understanding of musicality and performers requirement, it is very easy to communicate your ideas, exchange thoughts and definitely getting great constructive advises from him. Their skills are magical: Regardless of the complexity and diversity of beats, music genre, pitching, they managed to compose them to make it become 1 single track (but of course, you need to know what you want! Don't be a bimbo client & say what you "feel" but yet don't know what you want & what you "feel dislike" & yet don't know what in actual you dislike.
A definite 5-Star ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ recommendation from me!!!
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Bill Gallo Avatar
Bill Gallo
I found Reuben while searching the web for a place to hear some quality house music in KL while visiting from Honolulu. He was awesome. Gave me some great tips and invited to his amazing studio and provided a free Ableton demo for me and my son. Super guy. I look forward to returning and taking some classes.
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Samlaleo Singh Avatar
Samlaleo Singh
If you wanna learn in-depth about ableton then This is the place to go, with certified teacher and loads of on hand classes with gear and softwares. They also cater for recording , sound design , other production expertise. As a student one can opt for dj, producer etc.
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Joshua Ivanovic Avatar
Joshua Ivanovic
Thanks so much for saving our arses with a very last minute mixer guys. Ours died 2hrs before the DJ went on and we had a rental sorted straight away. Legends!
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Trishay J. Trada Avatar
Trishay J. Trada
Actually visited this place as they were selling leftover stock of acoustic panels. The premises, particularly the studio and vocal room are extremely well-designed. Most of all, the founder Reuben is not only a really nice guy, but he is extremely skilled, experienced and knowledgeable with audio production and acoustics. Knowledge aside, he is also extremely passionate about sound which is the most important aspect for a student seeking the right teacher. MHS specializes in Ableton Live training so if you are seeking training for this specific software - or just seeking some guidance and training with audio production, track editing and mixing, look no further. Sign up with MHS today!
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Chun Hoe Avatar
Chun Hoe
Amazing and up to date systems and services. Even had a makeshift cardboard chair when there wasn't enough place to sit.
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Eugene Seet Avatar
Eugene Seet
Picked up lots of interesting information by spending a couple of hours with them. Loved how modular and organized the notes were and how it made sense to someone who had no basic knowledge to begin with. It was a pleasure to have witness how music production was done with professionals in the industry too! Thanks for the experience! and yes. this review came almost a year late. 🙂
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Marvin Reyes Avatar
Marvin Reyes
Experienced, educated, supportive and nice lecturers. In my opinion MHS is one of the best place you can learn anything about Music production, Mastering Eng and Djing!👌
Paraphrase, you can learn every music skills there. It's all depends to you, that how much you would be thirsty to learn about music!
As an example, Mr. Reuben always kindly support and help me with his profesional skills in music production! It's great & amazing and i really appreciate his kind forever!👍
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Daler Ave Avatar
Daler Ave
Nice experience! Best studio in SEA. Seeing this studio makes me to start DJing. Its really inspires me)
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Alexander Krasnikov Avatar
Alexander Krasnikov
The friendly environment of this studio is inspiring, lovely people and professional attitude, great place to get things done and have a good chat with creative people.
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Michael Koclęga Avatar
Michael Koclęga
Really enjoyable music theory lessons in a state of the art studio setting.
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Daniela Horeanga Avatar
Daniela Horeanga
Reuben is a very thorough teacher and also his knowledge is top, in one lesson I managed to learn techniques that otherwise would have taken me months to learn, awesome studio, well equipped and professional staff, highly recommended if you really want to learn the real deal!
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Bui Yen Avatar
Bui Yen
Awesome team, great services.
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